Pediatric Dentistry in Casper, WY

Is your child hesitant about visiting the dentist for the first time? At Signature Dental, our comfortable office and welcoming staff will make your family feel right at home. We offer dental care for kids that address prevention, restoration, and orthodontic issues.

People often wonder when they should start taking their young children to the dentist for routine exams. The answer is shortly after a child starts getting baby teeth is a great time to have us meet your child and introduce them to dental visits. We offer Well Baby Exams for children under 3 years of age. The earlier we can address diet and oral hygiene, the less likely your child will develop cavities on their baby teeth and have healthy adult teeth as well. Children older than three should have their teeth cleaned and examined every 6 months.

If your child does end up having cavities or need other dental work, we can provide the treatment in a relaxing environment and quick appointment.

As your child grows, we also watch how their baby and adult teeth fit together and discuss orthodontic options to correct misaligned or crowded teeth.