Root Canals & More in Casper, WY

Endodontics deals with the innermost layer of the teeth that contains nerves and blood vessels. Root canal therapy is a common procedure to correct issues that arise in the innermost layer, or canals of the teeth. Toothaches can arise and infections can spread from the outside of the tooth thru a cavity or crack to the nerves and blood vessels. If the inside of the tooth is permanently damaged or infected, the nerves need to be removed and the inside of the tooth will need cleaned out. At Signature Dental, we use the utmost care in handling endodontic services. "Root canal," may seem like a scary term, but it should no longer be associated with pain. We use local anesthetics and proper pain medication to ensure the process is completed with little to no pain. For quality root canals and other endodontic services, call Signature Dental today.